Objective General English Book for SSC & Bank Exams

 Objective General English Book for SSC & Bank Exams

Hello, Dear Readers, Download the most important book for SSC & BANK Examinations in the English version. SSC, BANK, which is an important book for Cracking Examinations, is a useful book in English. Objective General English for SSC & Bank Examinations is sharing with you, Afterwards, there will also be questions of an objective type which you can also read for you growth on educational preparation.

This book contains the following chapter with page number

1.Grammar— Basic Concepts & Common Mistakes  1-26
2.Active & Passive Voice                                     27-36
3.Direct & Indirect Speech                                  37-44
4.Clause Analysis                                              45-54
5.Synthesis of Sentences                                     55-64
6.Transformation of Sentences                             65-74
7.Idioms and Phrases                                          75-88
8. Spotting Errors                                               89-108
9.Sentence Correction                                         109-130
10. Choosing the Correct Sentence                       131-148
11.Vocabulary — Word Bank                              149-174
12Word Power                                                   175-208
13. Relationship-Based Problems                         209-218
14. Fill in the Blanks (FIB)                                 219-244
15. Cloze Test                                                    245-260
16. Parajumbles                                                  261-306
17. Paragraph Completion                                   307-334
18. Reading Comprehension                                335-451

Details of Disha Publication English Book-

File Type – PDF
Size – 17 MB
Version- English
Total Page – 455
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